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$1,000 Reward:  To first Student who prays "in Jesus' name" at Graduation

Atheist complainers are threatening a lawsuit against a Florida School district, if the school board dares to defend a new Florida law passed in 2012 that allows student-initiated prayers.  Please forward this email to everybody you know in Florida, especially to friends in St. John's county near Jacksonville.

The atheists are offering monetary incentives to students to discourage prayer and to incentivize giving a "free thought" atheist message at their high school graduation.  They're also threatening to sue the school district IF any student dares to pray.

So God gave me an inspired idea.

If atheists give money for students NOT to pray, why can't we offer money to reward students who pray, if they're courageous enough to pray IN JESUS' NAME on the microphone at their own high school graduation?  We can, and we will.

Our ministry is hereby offering a $1,000 scholarship to the FIRST high school student who prays either the Lord's prayer (Our Father...) or says a sincere prayer ending "in Jesus' name," on the school microphone at his or her graduation ceremony in St. John's County, FL school District #2, meeting all of the  requirements outlined in my video offer, here-->

Sadly, the Superintendent of Schools in St. John's County Florida, Mr. Tommy Allen has stated he may be afraid or unwilling to defend the free speech rights of his own students in court, so he is planning to cave in to atheist threats and he will NOT implement in his district the new Florida state law that allows student-initiated prayer.

Please call Tommy Allen today at 904-547-7500, and leave this message:  "Sir, are you so cowardly that you must cave in to atheist complainers, and refuse to protect your students' right to free speech and student-initiated prayer?  The 2012 new Florida law allows student-initiated prayer, so we insist you defend your students' right to pray at graduation."

I don't have $1,000 lying around, so I really need a few donors to help me issue this public challenge.  Let us pray one Christian student has more courage than his superintendent, because that student really deserves our scholarship.

Would you please help me raise $1,000 for this scholarship challenge?  If 10 people give $100 each today, we can change history in Florida.  I receive no salary from donations to our non-profit charity.  But one courageous Christian student will surely claim this prize, and we can fund his or her tuition.  If atheists can offer money to discourage prayer, we can certainly offer a reward to encourage prayer.

Finally, let's continue to bury Congress with petitions to defend military chaplains' right to pray publicly "in Jesus' name."  Please sign the following petition today...

Select here to sign new petition, defend military chaplains right to pray "in Jesus' name" and co-sponsor HR 343.  We will fax all 535 Congressmen, Senators (saving you time!)
Or select our free option here.

Victory!  Ban lifted on Jesus prayers in Washington State. 12th time YOU changed law.

I have an amazing victory to report.  YOUR PETITIONS have been heard and YOU helped restore freedom to pray "in Jesus' name," changing law or policy in our 12th state, when the formerly anti-Jesus Mayor of Longview Washington repented, and joined a slim 4-3 majority vote to lift his own ban that forbid pastors from praying "in Jesus' name" before city council meetings.

Last month we had reported the mayor of Longview, Washington had banned prayers "in Jesus' name" before city council meetings, because an atheist complainer threatened to sue, reported Seattle Times.

So we took action. Our activist email readers, maybe even YOU called the anti-Jesus mayor, Don Jensen to demand the word "Jesus" should not be banned as illegal speech if uttered during a prayer by any visiting pastor, during the invocation before city meetings.

Please watch the first 7 minutes of Dr. Chaps' newest TV show, explaining this victory in Longview, WA, here-->

The Mayor Don Jensen not only voted the right way, he sent one of our friends an email message (shown in the video-->) explaining why he restored freedom to pray "in Jesus' name."  (Let's call Mayor Jensen to say "thank you" (phone 360-442-5004).

The city council vote on 28 March followed my private email to the Mayor's attorney James McNamara, who received my notification on 27 March that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled unanimously that the First Amendment PROTECTS citizens and governments' right to allow Jesus prayers before government meetings, so long as other faith groups are also invited to give an invocation, letting each pray publicly according to the dictates of conscience.

Since 2006, your donations to our activism have helped change law in 12 states, reversing anti-Jesus prayer bans in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, California, Hawaii and now Washington State.  (All this after the U.S. Congress restored freedom for chaplains after I was wrongly punished for praying "in Jesus' name in uniform as a Navy Chaplain in 2006).  

Unfortunately, "Jesus prayers" are still facing uphill battles in New York, Virginia, and with military chaplains again, as my friend Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) just introduced a new bill protecting free speech.  Would you sign our latest petition?  And email this to your friends.  Let's take another stand for Jesus Christ and for free speech today.  

Select here to sign new petition, defend military chaplains right to pray "in Jesus' name" and co-sponsor HR 343.  We will fax all 535 Congressmen, Senators (saving you time!)
Or select our free option here.

Anti-Jesus Judge bans "Jesus prayers" in Virginia.  Take action.

If you care about freedom to pray "in Jesus' name," please phone or email all 7 members of the Pittsylvania Virginia County board of supervisors.  Their names, emails, and phone numbers are listed here.  Say these words:  "Please appeal the bad court decision of the anti-Jesus judge who banned free speech. Defend peoples' right to pray in Jesus' name."

Here's why:  An anti-Jesus judge has just banned freedom of speech, and told county supervisors they cannot allow anyone to pray "in Jesus' name" when giving the invocation or benediction at public meetings, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Watch Dr. Chaps' TV commentary on this anti-Jesus ban in Pittsylvania VA, starting at the 16:06 mark.

"A federal judge Tuesday permanently barred the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors from offering sectarian Christian prayers during its meetings.  U.S. District Judge Michael Urbanski issued the ruling Tuesday, giving a victory to Pittsylvania County resident Barbara Hudson and the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia, who represented Hudson. Hudson filed the lawsuit in September 2011.

"The case law in this jurisdiction is crystal clear," ACLU Legal Director Rebecca Glenberg said Wednesday. "Governments may not have sectarian prayers at their meetings."  [Dr. Chaps' comment...sectarian means speaking the illegal word "Jesus."]

"I expect to speak to the board to decide what the next move will be," he said.  Board Chairman Marshall Ecker said of the decision, "If it was up to me, I would contest it."  The ruling infringes on individual rights and Jesusí name is being taken out of everything, Ecker said.  Hudson contended that the sectarian prayers violated the First Amendment, amounting to government advancement of religion."

[Dr. Chaps' comment: The board is considering appeal. Please call or email 7 today here, to request they appeal. Then sign our petition to defend military chaplains freedom to pray in Jesus' name, below.]

Select here to sign new petition, defend military chaplains right to pray "in Jesus' name" and co-sponsor HR 343.  We will fax all 535 Congressmen, Senators (saving you time!)
Or select our free option here.

The Bible commands us:  "Whatever you do in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus." --Colossians 3:17.  Please forward this email widely to your friends, and share on social media here.

God Bless you, in Jesus' name,

Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt, PhD

Who is Dr. Chaps?   Bio here.