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Iodine And Mood Disorders©™

By Nonnie Chrystal, B.S., Independent Medical Researcher

Whether you are suffering from depression, codependency, addictions, aggressive behavior, domestic

violence, extreme fatigue, taking everything personally, lacking motivation or any mood disorder, iodine is

crucial for your quick path back to sanity.

The main cause of all dis-ease is parasites and toxins. (Clark, 1995) All parasites and toxins have a positive

charge. (Young, 2001) True colloidal iodine is comprised of singlet iodine atoms that have a negative charge.

There is no parasite resistant to iodine. (Derry, 2001)(Gershenfeld, 1977)(Gershenfeld, 1955)(Carroll, 1955)

This is why it is used in surgery so as to prevent staph infection—and lawsuits. Negatively charged, singlet

iodine atoms (I-) are more bioavailable than iodine molecules (e.g., I2) or compounds (e.g., KI) that the body

has to break down to use. Iodine removes toxins from the body including heavy metals such as tenacious

mercury (Abraham, 2005) (Klasson, 1998) found 400 times that of safe levels in vaccinations (Prate, 2005)

and also found in dental fillings, fish, high fructose corn syrup, processed foods, and cigarette smoke.

Natural tincture of iodine was prescribed by American physicians after its discovery in 1811. Ample studies

showed iodine restored health to those deemed incurable. (Ryan, 1833) U.S. physicians used large doses of

iodine routinely as the antibiotic of choice and for a broad spectrum of conditions (11th Edition of

Encyclopedia Britannica, 1910-1911) until the unfounded Wolff-Chaikoff study of 1948 came just in time for

the 1949 release of synthetic iodine and thyroid hormone drugs. No wonder iodine was used so much—

iodine deficiency is the #1 reason for mitochondrial failure. Mitochondria are the power plants of the cell,

and cancer, among other degenerative disease, is due to mitochondrial failure. (Derry, 2001) (Flechas, 2008)

(Brownstein, 2006)

Regarding depression, we must look at the “Second Brain” in the gut known as the enteric nervous system.

According to Michael D. Gershon, M.D., of Columbia University, the Second Brain produces and contains ninety-five

percent of the serotonin found in the body—not the brain inside the cranium. This relatively new field of

neurogastroenterology brings new meaning to “You are what you eat” and revives Hippocrates’ adage “Food

is your medicine, and medicine is your food”. (Gershon, 1999)

In the gut and specifically, in the small intestines, parasites, especially candida albicans, can colonize in acid

conditions. They love to eat sugar and any undigested fat and undigested protein entering from the stomach;

poor digestion comes from improperly combined foods or forgetting to chew thoroughly. But most shocking

is that these parasites eat our serotonin. That’s right. They eat the hormone, serotonin, which is critical for

“feeling happy”. The eating habits of these unwanted parasites have been documented by microbiologist, Dr.

Robert O. Young, using dark field microscopy. (Young R. O., 2001)

The small intestines are supposed to be alkaline. (Young R. O., 2001) Meat, poultry, fish, dairy, alcohol,

wheat, rice, rye, sweets, fried foods, most oils, condiments, canned/processed/microwaved foods, most fruits

and pharmaceutical drugs are acid. Alkalizing foods are primarily vegetables, legumes, most seeds, almonds,

avocados and other non-sweet fruits, coconuts, and coconut oil. (Young R. O., 2001) Eighty percent of our

meals should be alkaline. When we eat acid, we create a ripe environment for parasites to breed. Low

serotonin levels are directly linked to aggression and violence. With the use of iodine, we can rid ourselves of

parasites, increase our serotonin levels and reclaim our rightful happiness.

Antidepressants are not the answer. After years of uproar from Americans reporting 21,000+ adverse

reactions, including violent deaths, the FDA finally conducted a clinical trial involving the nine major

antidepressants to prove safety and efficacy. This resulted in all nine antidepressants being labeled for children

18 and younger as a “Black Box” labeled drug in 2004, a label restricted for lethal drugs! Much thanks to Dr.

Ann Blake Tracy of the International Coalition of Drug Awareness (www.ssristories.com) for publicly stating

her testimony on September 13, 2004 before the FDA. (Tracy, 2004) Here is a chilling excerpt: “A study out

of the University of Southern California in 1996 looked at a group of mutant mice in an experiment that had gone terribly

wrong. These genetically engineered mice were the most violent creatures they had ever witnessed. They were born lacking the

MAO-A enzyme that metabolizes serotonin. As a result their brains were awash in serotonin. This excess serotonin is what the

researchers determined was the cause for this extreme violence. Antidepressants produce the same end result as they inhibit the

metabolism of serotonin.”

The thyroid gland, located in the neck, absolutely needs iodine to produce hormones that

stabilize mental health, control weight gain or weight loss, fight infection, and more.

Unfortunately, iodine has been attacked since 1948 through apparent “science for hire”,

resulting in unnecessary pandemic fear of iodine based on the unfounded Wolff-Chaikoff effect. (Abraham,

The Wolff-Chaikoff Effect: Crying Wolf?, 2005) Remember—FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. And

not coincidentally, pharmakeia profits from your fear.

The paradox is that until you obtain the evidence by questioning authority, you stand trapped in “The Matrix”,

fooled by what you think is truth. From 1998-2006, severe iodine deficiency was documented globally by the

World Health Organization (World Health Organization, 1998)(World Health Organization, 2005) and in the

U.S. by NHANES and the CDC. Extreme deficiency can cause mental retardation, whereas simple iodine

sufficiency increases IQ 13½ points as proven in Bleichrodt’s 1994 meta-analysis of 17 clinical studies.

(Bleichrodt, 1994)

Yet our unquestioned doctors claim you are allergic to iodine or it is dangerous to take too much of it or your

blood tests show your thyroid is fine even though you are either skinny as a rail or noticeably overweight!

From my research, all of these excuses are propaganda—canned responses and inaccurate tests from your

unknowing doctor who typically: 1) Does not question authority of medical schools grossly subsidized by

pharmakeia; 2) Does not delve behind the drug’s abstract of the clinical trial; 3) Does not read the drug’s

package insert, which outlines the number of deaths and side effects in the clinical trial and the narrow use(s)

of the drug; and 4) Does not understand that the adrenal glands produce backup thyroid hormone as the

“pinch hitter”, and so testing the blood for thyroid hormone levels is meaningless to determine thyroid

function. Further, some doctors are too complacent with the fringe benefits of attaching his/her prestigious

name to articles ghostwritten by pharmakeia or for prescribing the latest drug.

Many doctors promote off-label, FDA-unapproved use of drugs. (Wolfe, 1999) Doctors are also writing 65

million prescriptions per year for drugs not yet approved by the FDA. (CNN Health, 2007). Is this Russian

roulette for the patient?

Renaissance physician, Paracelsus (1493-1541 AD), said everything is considered a poison and it is the dosage

that kills. (Tan, 2003) Just look at the man, age 35, who died in 2008 from hyponatremia from drinking too

much water. (FOX News, 2008) With that said, to date there has been no documentation of anyone dying

from taking too much “natural” iodine, although one man accidentally ingested 100,000x the Recommended

Daily Allowance and had swelling of the face, neck and mouth, transient heart arrhythmias and an uneventful

recovery. Conversely, it was proven in 2003 the #1 cause of death is iatrogenic—or physician induced by

conventional medical doctors. (Null, 2010)

As an independent medical researcher with decades of experience in holistic, complementary and

conventional medicine, I have found that oxygen and iodine are the only two elements that induce a

phenomenon called “apoptosis”. This simply means that when a cell is unhealthy, oxygen or iodine make sure

it is replaced with a healthy cell instead of allowing it to mutate and replicate. In other words, repeated cell

mutation is cancer. In 2003, Cancer Research published the clinical study of Ling Zhang, M.D. of University of

California Los Angeles that proved iodine reverses cancer tumors! The picture below speaks volumes,

showing the tumors treated with iodine decreased in size markedly. Both the control and test rats were

injected with lung cancer tumor cells and then the test rats were injected peritoneally with iodine. (Zhang,


So if iodine is so important—where is it? With depletion of our soils and use of synthetic fertilizers, iodine is

now minimal in our food and milk. In 1969, the iodine phobia was revisited simply by republishing the same

unfounded 1948 Wolff-Chaikoff study, and, voila, iodine was removed from bread. You would think another

study would have been conducted to at least confirm the 1948 study. To make matters worse, there is a

scientific principle named “Halogen Displacement”, in which fluorine/fluoride, chlorine/chloride/chlorate

and bromine/bromide/bromate, found virtually in almost everything today, displace precious iodine.

Unfortunately, natural iodine can also be displaced through “Radiation Displacement” with the harmful

isotopes of iodine such as I-129 (half-life of 15.7 million years) or I-131 (half-life of 8 days).

Will the real iodine please stand up?

We have been misled to believe we are allergic to iodine when we react to shellfish. The truth is that iodine in

shellfish is “protein-bound” and unlikely to cause any allergic reaction; rather, shellfish routinely preserved

with monosodium glutamate (MSG) induces enormous allergies as documented by www.truthinlabeling.org.

Ironically, it has been shown that iodine actually eliminates food allergies. (Derry, 2001)

Iodine is a natural element on the periodic table of elements

taught in high school chemistry. The human body is composed

of 26 of these elements circled below, with both iodine and

oxygen paramount to mitochondrial function and the production

of energy, or life force. The only stable isotope of iodine is I-127,

which was discovered in 1811. And this is what the body needs.

But somehow the unstable, radioactive and poisonous I-131 isotope of iodine, discovered in the 1930’s,

which is used in nuclear bombs (Area 51 and Hiroshima), nuclear plants (Chernobyl), and nuclear medicine

(hospitals), has become synonymous with “natural iodine”. So if we have a “reaction” to this “poisonous”

isotope, then we are supposedly allergic to “all” iodine. But saying we are allergic to natural iodine is like

saying we are allergic to oxygen—so you better quit breathing fast.

For more information on scalar enhanced, true colloidal, singlet iodine (I-) atom tincture, please contact

Pastor Butch Paugh at Call to Decision Ministries at 304.846.4448 on 224 Hurd Rd., Nettie, WV 26681 or

visit our website at www.PastorButch.com.


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Nonnie Chrystal is the Co-Builder of “The Greenest House in the World” according to FOX News. She is an Independent

Medical Researcher with decades of research and experience in holistic, complementary and conventional medicine. Chrystal has

over 25 years of information technology and healthcare consulting experience, half of which was spent in pharmaceutical-based

medicine with Fortune 50 companies—IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Nestle (Alcon Surgical). But her passion for the truth led

Chrystal to research non-mainstream sciences resulting in her unpublished book on creation mechanics and scalar waves in the

field of quantum or “zero point” physics. Chrystal was the keynote main-stage speaker at Toronto, Canada’s 33rd annual Total

Health Show in which her presentation was entitled: “The Thyroid: The True Master Gland Behind Immortality”.

© 2011 Nonnie Chrystal